Instagram Marketing For Local Business

One of the social media platforms that are overlooked by small business is Instagram.


However, with 200 million visits to business profiles a day, so it is worth considering Instagram as an advertising channel for your business.


Due to the nature of the Instagram platform, there are various business formats that fit perfectly.

So if you are thinking of using Instagram here is are some of the best Instagram tips to help you get started.


As a business, to use Instagram, it is better to set up a business account.

However, if you are an individual who already has a considerable following, you can convert it into an Instagram business account.

‚ÄčCreate A Strategy

Once you have your account, the next thing is to come up with an Instagram marketing strategy.


You need to decide what type of content you are going to post on the platform.


Who is your target market, and what would they like to see?


The overwhelming majority of Instagram users are under 35, and there is a close gender split.


One way of creating your strategy is to determine who already buys from you.


You can use the tracking data from your facebook account to help you do this.


Also, don't overlook your competitors.


See what they are doing and posting.


Then finally create a clear statement around your brand and how you want it to be perceived.


Importantly for Instagram, because it is so visual, you want to think about what is it that people might want to see.

Set Goals

Once you have worked out what you are trying to accomplish using Instagram, set yourself some goals.


Goal setting will help you keep on track and allow you to focus on what you need to do when to carry your strategy through.


It is ok to use actionable metrics as part of this.


So, things like follows, comments and likes are useful indicators of how your Instagram strategy is progressing.

The Instagram Metrics

Four metrics are traditionally used to measure a customers journey when using Instagram.


The first is brand awareness.


How far are your posts reaching into your target market, and are you picking up more followers?


The second is engagement.


How engaged are people with your content?


Are you getting loads of likes, and are users sharing your content with their contacts?


Thirdly and probably most importantly, are conversions.


You are putting all this work in on your Instagram strategy, but is it converting into increased sales or appointments?


What is your click-through rate?


What is the bounce rate?


These will help to guide you around the type of content you are putting out there.


Finally, are you getting testimonials and decisive actions from your customers?

Content & Posting

It goes without saying that the standard and quality of what you are posting is going to have an impact on your success with Instagram.


Make sure you post regularly and that any photos are of high quality and any prose you are writing is error-free and compelling.

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