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Instagram hashtags are an effective way to attract more eyeballs on your Instagram posts. To get discovered by vast audiences on Instagram, using pertinent and targeted hashtags on your posts and stories is one of the best techniques. By practicing this technique, you can drive in more followers, more engagement and more customers for your business.

For example, your post can be of any niche like travel, art or fashion, hence you should identify and use the best hashtags for art, best hashtags for fashion and similarly best hashtags for travel to expand the exposure of your posts.

This is where reputed hashtag generator app like TagsFind comes into the picture.

•  While you use a hashtag for your posts on Instagram make sure you specify your niche and then use hashtags related to that particular niche. If you do not do so, there are high chances for your post to get blocked due to irrelevant hashtags.

•  Keep changing the hashtags because making use of similar hashtags can shadowban you on Instagram.

•  Make sure to include the hashtags as a comment this will keep your feed clean.

Mistakes you can eliminate by using hashtags app generator - TagsFind

Using apposite hashtags on Instagram is an art which comes with experience. However, a lot of users repeat the same mistake again and again - using the most popular hashtags assuming it as the best way to elevate the level of visibility as well as engagement on their posts.

Besides, there is a deluge of posts on Instagram related to art, travel, fashion and other users on popular hashtags which will hide your content soon after you post it. Thus, by using a hashtag app generator you can track the engagement rate on your post from time to time to get a better understanding of when to bid and on which posts.

A few things to remember when using hashtags

  • Make sure you mix the hashtags level on Instagram.

  • For faster engagement on your post, you must at least make use of 5 popular hashtags.

  • For long-lasting visibility of your post on Instagram, make sure to mix the rest with small and medium hashtags.

All in all, have a greater focus on increasing your engagement level to bring your post on top of small and medium hashtags walls.

How hashtag generator TagsFind can help?

The hashtags walls are just like a magazine with a bid system where the front page is the costliest to advertise. Likewise, hashtags have the same concept. To advertise your post on the top walls of the hashtags, your post must have great engagement in terms of comments, likes, and views.

Here is where our hashtags app plays a major role by covering all the above-mentioned scenarios.


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