Facebook Advertising For Local Business.

Despite what you may hear facebook is still one of the stand out platforms for advertising your business.


Many years ago it used to news print advertising, now social media channels are the number one go to for business advertising.


If you put yourself in your customers shoes the first port of call when they are looking to buy a product or service might be good old Google.


However, local customers that want to buy something on a regular basis are probably not going to search online.


They want instant information now!


So if you are looking to sell to your locality the one platform that lets you target the right people in your local area is Facebook.


The beauty of facebook ads is that they allow you to target potential customers within the geographical location of your business.


The other great asset of facebook advertising is that you can create coupons or sales offers which your customers can claim on facebook.


One other benefit, that you don't get with Google search, is that you can track your customers and their actions.


Using facebook ad pixels you can track your customers.


If they have bought through a coupon in the past - you can target them again with a new coupon offer.

Don't get confused with Google adwords and facebook - they are not the same.


They are in fact two completely different approaches to promoting your business.


One of the most effective routes with Facebook is to offer something of value for free.


Unlike Google advertising where people are actually searching for something.


On facebook you are not really sure of their buying intent so offering something for free will get people interested.


So to effectively create a successful facebook ad there are there are three steps.


  1. Target the right audience.

Facebook allows you to target people by age, sex profile in your local area. It also allows you to target prople who may have an interest in your product or service.


Using custom audience targeting means you can target different sections of your target market.


   2. People need a reason to click on your ad.


You need to give people an incentive to click on your ad above others.


This is where coupons and special offers come in to play.


   3. Tracking & RE marketing 


The final part of the jigsaw is to track your customer actions.


You will be able to track things like how many times your ad has been viewed to how many times it has been clicked through.


There are a whole range of metrics you can track to measure the performance of your advert.


The problem with using the Facebook ad platform is that there is a certain amount of learning required to use it successfully.


It can be a minefield making sure your are creating the right sort of ad to ensuring you are tracking effectively and then changing things if it is not working.


We can offer you a bespoke service to ensure your facebook advertising is cost effective, attractive and value for money.

How To Use Facebook Ads Effectively

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