Jessica Brianne, Fashion Influencer 

My experience with IYAD has been amazing! Since December, my engagement has increased by thousands! his line of communication is also amazing. Anytime I have a question, I know I will get a quick response. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their Instagram profile!

Thor Rosland, Fashion Model

I’ve been consulted and mentored by IYAD for about eight months. With his knowledge and guidance, he has helped me increase my social media reach by 1400%. just by getting into the dept of how the marketing business works at the different social media platforms—Times, audience, hashtags, when, what, how - and so forth. I am truly grateful. Thor

Pole Fit Dubai, Aerial Arts Academy

We’ve been working with IYAD since April 2019, and he helped us a lot to set up and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram, which helped us bring new customers to our dance studio. He’s very professional and always eager to provide the right advice to choose the right strategy.

Art Rewards

Norway, Oslo

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