The Best Art Hashtags

best art hashtags on instagram

Art hashtags are the most powerful to attract more visitors to your Art profile.


To get discovered by art audiences on Instagram, using related and targeted Art hashtags on your posts and stories is one of the best techniques you should master. 

By practicing this technique, you can drive in more visitors, Engagement, and more art followers to your account.

Using apposite hashtags on Instagram is an art that comes with experience. 



However, many new artists repeat the same mistake again and again - using the most popular hashtags, assuming it as the best idea to raise the level of visibility and Engagement on their artwork.

Besides, there is a deluge of posts on Instagram related to Art, and other users on popular hashtags will drop your content soon after you post it if your Engagement is low. 

Remember always that Engagement is an Instagram currency.

The more you have, the more you get on Instagram.

The most popular hashtags such as #art, #artist, #artoftheday, Etc,

can be considered as a massive investment for poor profiles who have low Engagement.

It's a considerable bit to swallow for these accounts level,

if you have a low engagement rate and you use such popular hashtags, you just wasting your post, it is tough to find for anyone even if you try yourself,

The Art Hashtags Levels


Famous popular Art hashtags are extreme competition worldwide, which means that every second or minute, there is an artist somewhere on the world tagging the same Art hashtag on their artwork.

The much pressure and the intense rush, of posting around the world,

make it hard for anyone to maintain the visibility of his or her Art posts,

The huge mistake is when beginners artists are tagging such a famous leading Art hashtag like #art on their posts, 

yet they have a few numbers of followers,

to consider using such of these well-known Art hashtags, you need big amounts of followers,

more than that, these followers must be real, active and willing to support your Art with the Engagement it needs to increase the visibility on these popular Art hashtags,


the hashtags algorithm on general is functioning similar to the auction system somehow,

bidders are from everywhere,

the more likes and comments your post has, the more exposure it get. That's how you win the bid.

How to choose the best art hashtags?


There are several methods and advanced techniques to do that based on each account level, but let's make as simple as possible,

consider it as free advice 

  1. choose a combination of the small hashtags that it has less than 500,000 posts.

  2. avoid the popular hashtags on the beginning,

  3. Avoid any of the hashtags apps or websites that generate hashtags. Each account must have a unique group of hashtags. Otherwise, you are entering the same rat race zone,

  4. keep checking if your art hashtags got banned on Instagram, it might affect your growth for the long run,

  5. keep between 20 to 30 max,

  6. place them as a comment,

  7. always mix the hashtags, don't use the same group on every post, it will form a shadowban for your account,

  8. avoid broad art hashtags, be specific when it comes for your art type, it will make it easier, for your specific audiences to find your account,


Uncovering the best Art hashtags

I've been helping many influencers, brands, and artists from all over the world,

I can assuredly say that the successful accounts I managed in the past had only one thing in common,


The correct hashtags companions with a discipline to use only them,


Searching for the best hashtags matches your Art account level and keep updating the list, needs some advanced techniques,


if you feel that you are ready to take your account into the professional standard within a short time,


feel free to message me on Facebook messenger or send me an email, and I will be glad to guide you from A to Z.

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