The Outline

As an artist, I designed the Art Rewards page to gather the absolute qualified artworks on one art folio. 

To create an extraordinary impression on any visitor.

Furthermore, to distinguish from any other art pages on Instagram when it comes to postings terms and requirements.


The hart concept is to provide outstanding artwork, a community that maintains their uniqueness and rewards it.


A lot of professional artists deserve and should have better exposure for their artworks on Instagram. The only problem is they need the correct guidelines, the right pieces of information, and the mentorship if that is your case,

feel free to learn more about how you can improve your art account on Instagram.

To submit your artwork. 



The process is straightforward. Any artist believes that his or her Art deserves to join Art rewards' collections, 

is most welcome,


all you need is to send a direct message on Instagram or Facebook messenger, attached with your Art,

The next phase will be an evaluation step; if your artwork is qualified to join the Art Rewards' collection,

Then it will be accepted.

Art Rewards

Norway, Oslo

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